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Psycho (1960)
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Title : Psycho Full Movie
Release : 1960
Quality :

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Runtime : 109 min.
Genres : Drama , Horror , Thriller
Overview :

The last and most important part of this movie is its sequel called Psycho 2. This is another masterpiece movie that was directed by the famous writer, Freddie Francis. Another difference between the first and the second movie is that the first one tells a true story, while the second one is made to be entertaining so it was changed. You can expect some old stuff, as I mentioned earlier in this article, but nothing more.

As with the first movie, there is a special chemistry between the main characters. There are so many character's in this movie that it's hard to define who is who. The main character, as the name suggests, dresses as a woman. The others dress as a man. Each character has a different look, personality and history.

The main character is played by Lila Downs and the other is played by a young girl who is called Ella Burke. This makes this movie a little bit mysterious and we don't know the real identity of the characters. That's why the audience's opinion of the characters is changed. So, as a viewer you are left confused in the middle.

One of the most interesting part of this movie is the character of Dr. Jacoby. He is always in the background and is only seen when there is a physical change in him or something happened to him. This makes it hard for us to get to know him well, but the audience still wants to know his past. The main reason for this is because Dr. Jacoby is a genius who has the same experience as our main character, Mr. White.

In the second movie, Ella tells a story about Mr. White, which is how they met and the problem they had. She tells us that he liked Dr. Jacoby liked Mr. White. This makes their relationship interesting and it also gave birth to Dr. Jacoby and Mr. White relation.

The story line in the second movie is different from the first one. In the first movie, when the main character is about to kill Dr. Jacoby, Mr. White killed Dr. Jacoby. And later, Mr. White wanted to do the same thing to Dr. Jacoby. In the second movie, Ella gets hurt by Mr. White and he wants to punish her.

The last movie, Psycho II, is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. So, some of the themes are the same as in the first movie. But we get to see a new ending because after killing Dr. Jacoby, Mr. White decides to leave.

So, if you want to watch an awesome movie, you should go for the second movie of Psycho. It is more interesting than the first one.

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