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Daughter of Darkness 2 (1994)
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Title : Daughter of Darkness 2 Full Movie
Release : 1994
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Runtime : 98 min.
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Overview :

As a movie buff and a true geek I have always been a huge fan of the James Bond movie series. However, with this latest installment in the series called Son of Darkness 2 the odds were against me not to love it as much as I loved the first movie.

The reason why the online viewers fell in love with it so much is because of the plot line and character development. Son of Darkness 2 is full of twists and turns and the ending was just too good to be true. Although it has all the elements of the spy genre, like gadgets, foreign locations and an all-star cast, the plot of the movie is fresh and original.

Most movies just revolve around the hero or villains doing the mission to save the princess or defeat the bad guy. However, in Son of Darkness 2 everything is about Bond's daughter. Her story line is so amazing that the film just had to keep telling it. The movie starts out when we find Bond's daughter, a part of a baby boom.

After her mother dies from breast cancer, M attracts two men who plan to use her in an illegal abortion. When they get caught, she goes into hiding with her mother and moves in with her father who never stopped loving her.

However, the whole family is in danger and we can see It's a tragic story from her perspective as the mother's dream comes true. Meanwhile, Bond is on the run after he is framed for the murder of a French Mobster.

While on the run he finds out about the hit on his friend and now it's his shot's plot to kill M. The only problem is, he can't get there fast enough before his girlfriend Molly Parker gets killing.

The story of Son of Darkness 2 resembles the same plot of the X-Men franchise. Also, it follows the same principles as all spy movies: uncovering the mystery behind a target, catch the bad guys' plans.

If you want to know what happens next, then you must watch the movie. With its amazing plot, great action and exciting characters you will be hooked on the movie forever.

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