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Gladiator (2000)
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Title : Gladiator Full Movie
Release : 2000
Quality :

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Runtime : 155 min.
Genres : Action , Adventure , Drama
Overview :

Gladiator is the sequel to the first Gladiator, the movie in which Christopher Lee plays the role of Gaius Julius Caesar. Gladiator is a movie that has been rated highly by the critics. The film was made in 1974 and was produced by Dino De Laurentiis and Mario Bava.

The story of the movie is similar to the one in the first film. Gladiator is set on the island of Istria, where in the first film Gaius (Clive Owen) escaped from after being betrayed by his own men. He manages to fight his way back and regain his throne, which later falls to Marcus Brutus (Gary Oldman).

This movie is set around two hundred years before the battle of Hadrian's Wall in the Third Century. The island where the action takes place is called Istria, an island that is dominated by volcanoes.

The battle between the Romans and the Carthaginians in the city of Hadrian is still known in the ancient times. The city was founded by the people of Spain, who have left written records of this fact. These people used the Carthaginian ships to trade with Rome. The Roman Emperor Vespasian sailed in the fleet of the Carthaginians and rescued the city.

While the first film was set in the year 104, the sequel is set in the year 117, after the death of the Emperor. The story is that the war is over, but the most significant event that happened at this time was the discovery of gold in Africa. The people of Africa start making bricks. In the following centuries, people all over the world started using this brick for their construction needs.

A new race of warriors called the Tauranians and the Cimmerians enter the scene and soon all the tribes get together and battle against the old gods of the past. These two tribes have a war, but it doesn't end with bloodshed as it has been agreed upon that the survivors would be left in peace.

But the old gods don't agree, they still exist and try to change the fate of the people by using them. One of the survivors, Gaius Sergius Glaber, is saved by Gladiator, who also happens to be the ruler of Istria. This is where the movie takes place and the movie ends.

The movie may not have a direct continuation, but it is interesting to see the history of the city portrayed as it was then, and to see what the lives of the characters were like. So it has been stated that this movie was well worth the time invested into it.

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