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Spirited Away (2001)
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Title : Spirited Away Full Movie
Release : 2001
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 125 min.
Genres : Animation , Family , Fantasy
Overview :

The Spirited Away movie, "A Whole New World" will take the whole family to a magical world with a movie character with two faces. She is the curious little girl that wants to be a princess and enjoys all that life has to offer. But, she also has the personality of a well-rounded and independent young woman.

There is beautiful scenery in this movie with colors that are vibrant and beautiful. Many characters can be seen in the scene including the Tarzan, the evil Lord (who is played by Sacha Baron Cohen), Miyuki (the witch), Lord (played by Christopher Walken), the bear (played by Bryan Cranston), and the Donkey (played by John Goodman). These scenes are familiar with the Disney Movies, but it's all in the original Japanese style, and the colors and animation are very distinctive.

Like in all the movies, a little girl is the main protagonist in Spirited Away. She is the newcomer and the hero of the story. In fact, she is so popular that, many say, there won't be any other little girls' movie of its kind ever again.

When I was watching the movie, I was surprised and delighted. I can always appreciate things that can be good, and this movie definitely fits the category. The mood is cheerful and colorful, while the story is full of color. The coloring style is different from the usual Disney Movies, so it's really something to see.

I'm glad that this is an animated movie, as I usually dislike the CGI style and feel that it often makes cartoons look cheesy. It looks really childish, but this movie doesn't! I like the low, soft lighting because it makes me feel relaxed, and it helps give the characters more real colors.

The storyline is interesting and the characters are well-defined and are very original. I liked the three to four-star ratings and the fact that they were hidden throughout the movie. They can be found at the end of each scene, where a circle will be indicated. They are a small clue that will lead to a new scene, which are introduced by a star rating.

Like with all the movies, the ending is a little ambiguous. The goal is given, but, how will it actually happen? I'd really like to know what will happen next in the movie.

In conclusion, Spirited Away is a fun and exciting online movie, and it is recommended for all ages. The movie has a different kind of mood, and it is refreshingly different from the usual Disney Movies. A whole new world awaits you!

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