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The Dark Knight (2008)
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Title : The Dark Knight Full Movie
Release : 2008
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 152 min.
Genres : Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller
Overview :

The Dark Knight is a very interesting movie, I have never seen it yet but from what I have heard, the movie is more than two hours long and I do not know about you but that is a huge movie for me. Anyway, I thought I would share my first impressions of the movie with all of you. I have always loved the Batman comics, and I have not read the whole series but I am sure I have watched all of them so that is good enough for me.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the acting in this movie. Chris Nolan is a great director and the acting was perfect in this movie. Heath Ledger was definitely the star of the movie and I was very surprised with the acting in this movie. Some of the actors from the Batman series like Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Jared Leto, Aaron Eckhart, and the famous Hugo Weaving did great in this movie and were in the right places.

The story of the movie was quite complicated and was quite complex and I will discuss it a little bit later. The Dark Knight started with the murder of the Wayne family head Dent, and they go to the asylum where a battle is taking place. Batman goes there to stop Dent gets away with his wife, Dr. Harleen Quinzel. But Batman has found out that Quinzel is pregnant. Batman and Robin go to the park and find her, but she ran off.

Batman goes to the Gotham City and gets sent to a mind-control clinic called Arkham Asylum by Joker. The Joker sends the Dark Knight to try to break the Joker's mind and Joker claims that Bruce's wife has died on purpose and Batman's parents were killed. Then he puts a bomb in the boat and let him blow it up, thus Batman is then taken to the prison where Joker wants to kill him, and the only way that he will be able to do it is to kill The Penguin.

When the bomb goes off and the group of villains get dead, the Penguin survives and goes after the Dark Knight and gets shot in the leg by Garrett Cryptowitz, who then turns into a bat and flies after him. At this point, Batman and Robin meet Harley Quinn, she gives Batman a kiss, and then realizes that he is her friend and they start a crazy relationship. She talks to Batman, but the moment that he refuses her, she gets mad and shoots at him, and Batman runs in the opposite direction.

At some point, a nice wedding takes place and goes to a casino, then they go to a bar, then to a store and go to a subway station, then to a railway station, then to another train station, then to a plane, and then to a helicopter, and then they come back and get married. After this, the fight takes place between Batman and Joker, then it moves to a pond, where a boat comes to land on top of a bridge. Then the pair of them jump on the boat and take it to the bottom of the water. Batman then jumps off the boat and Batman gets attacked by Joker and is injured, but he comes back and hits Joker, who loses a leg.

John returns and gets the code for the Batman mask, and takes it to his mother, and saves Batman, and gets back to Gotham. This is when it all starts to get a little complicated.

I have to say that The Dark Knight was very exciting, and I really liked the movie. I am looking forward to watching the second movie soon. I am also a big fan of the Batman comics and look forward to the next one too.

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