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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)
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Title : Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Full Movie
Release : 2011
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 133 min.
Genres : Action , Adventure , Thriller
Overview :

In Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, a CIA Special-Operations agent assigned to a team in Prague. The movie is set a few years after the events of the movie Men of Honor. Ethan Hunt has been with the CIA for many years and before that he worked as a reporter for the Miami Herald. He was then assigned to the team in Prague to see if Ethan could get any information on an Iranian fugitive, but he was able to confirm suspicions that Iran was behind the assassination attempt on John Derbyshire.

Before Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was set to be released, I predicted that it would not only be a hit in Europe, but that it would also be a major success in North America. At the time, I believed that it would have the same success as Men of Honor had it been released last year. It wasn't until it was released online that I started to realize just how successful it was and how much my predictions were correct.

Online movie rental websites such as YouTube are huge, but they just don't have the audience of most movie theaters. This means that when people want to rent a movie, they go online to do so. I found that Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol did very well online.

One major theme in the movie is secrecy. A lot of the story involves Ethan Hunt's mission to infiltrate a terrorist cell to rescue a renowned Iranian scientist, but in order to do this he needs to get very close to a person who has a history of helping terrorists. Ethan has to make it out alive, which requires him to use some very special skills.

The use of disguises was another major aspect of the movie. Ethan has to disguise himself as a prostitute in order to infiltrate the cell. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is not a movie that is about someone trying to be sneaky skills. Ethan knows when to use them and when to use other methods.

The tone of the movie is a bit more serious than one might expect from a comedy genre. This makes sense considering the high stakes of the mission, which was very high. There are plenty of funny moments throughout the movie and a number of great scenes that are comedic, but Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is not a movie that wants to be taken seriously.

Online movie rental sites are enjoying something of a renaissance right now. While I am not sure that audiences will continue to flock to online movie rentals, I am sure that online movie rental companies will continue to try and create new services. This means that you should expect more movies such as Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol to be released online in the future.

In recent years, action movies have become much more boring. I believe that online movie rental services are starting to change that, although I am not sure that I am as optimistic as I was before. As I mentioned before, I think that Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol will be a hit when it comes to the online movie rental market.

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