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Logan (2017)
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Title : Logan Full Movie
Release : 2017
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 137 min.
Genres : Action , Drama , Science Fiction
Overview :

When I heard that the 2020 Logan, a young man gets the power to create his own reality, I could not wait to get there. Like the boy who cried wolf, Logan is walking through the wolves' world, a good guard dog ready to bark every time the nearest wolf comes near.

What many did not know about Logan was that his wolf-brother had the power to control his reality. It was his weakness that allowed Logan to steal the ability to manipulate his reality. As a result, Logan was forced to travel through the dark side in order to find out how to defeat his brother and become the leader of a pack.

The story takes us through three periods of time, these are the "City of Angels", a city in Hell, and "The Matrix" - a simulation of a world in which the real and virtual worlds merge. Throughout the story, Logan stays in each place, and by the end, he has come to understand that he is a lost soul. He is living through a never ending loop. The only way to finally become a "real" human being is to confront his evil brother.

The movie was great and I recommend it, especially for the fans of comic books. The story is very compelling and intense, and I have seen people arguing whether or not Logan should be rated PG-13 or NC-17, as that is a different story entirely.

The movie has some strong fighting scenes, as Logan is forced to face his deepest fear - he is no longer a man, but a vampire. The fight scenes in this movie are amazing, and the art of having Wolverine fighting is one that I really liked. Every time that I watch the movie, I am impressed with the acting. Even though Logan's character is "evil", he still has some of the best acting scenes in the movie.

Some people have said that they find the twists and turns of the story, surprising and heart breaking at times, and in online forums, a lot of people like me agreed. The way that Logan learns to accept himself as a "puppet" and a real man is a great plot twist. Of course, it will not make sense to everyone, but as a viewer I was glad to see this twist.

Overall, the movie was a good, fast paced, action packed movie. There were a few moments where the language used in the movie was over the top, but in the end, it is a shame that the story didn't come across better. This movie was an easy favorite for me, and I recommend it to all of my friends and family.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie, don't wait another minute, it is time to go and see it, now. Please take your time to read my full review of the Logan, before you start watching it.

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