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Dark Waters (2019)
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Title : Dark Waters Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

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Runtime : 127 min.
Genres : Drama , Thriller
Overview :

In this review, I'm going to be reviewing the third movie in the Dark Waters series. It's called "The Wrath of the Mudman" and has a great storyline involving gun-toting thugs and some new finds that have been added to the series.

The movie starts off with a flashback showing some of the events leading up to the events of the first two movies. We see the progression of two gangs who are at war with each other for the possession of the town of the Mudmen. One gang is going to get the town and they need someone to kill a member of the other gang. So they agree to pay a young man named Kerwin (Zach Gage) to kill a member of the other gang named Mole (Luke Fuller).

Kerwin is hired by Mole to go to South Beach and kill his nemesis the Mudman. So they hire him to go to Miami Beach where he's supposed to meet with the rest of his gang and get them together. Unfortunately, Kerwin ends up getting drunk with the rest of his gang and falls asleep on the train. When he wakes up, he has a broken leg and is told that he is not allowed to join the other gang. He decides to go back home and look for a way to go back to the other gang and pay to get out.

He goes back to his friends in the Mudmen and tells them about how he wants to find a way back to the other gang so that he can continue his feud with Mole. They decide to find him by heading down to the streets, where they meet a thug named The Stuntman (Tiago Faieta). The Stuntman offers to help Kerwin get to South Beach for a one way ticket.

The two are then seen enjoying themselves in the streets and he has to stop Kerwin from entering the clubs because he's not dressed appropriately for a woman. The two end up running into another group of Mudmen and the Mudmen tell Kerwin that he needs to get back to the Mudmen's Club because he's going to get killed if he doesn't.

The Mudmen's Club is in the back of a moving car, which they call a Limo, and it is found that they need to pick up The Stuntman and his family so that they can pay for the car and get back to their home turf. The Stuntman agrees to this and they head down to the street. The two soon arrive at the club and it is being held by one of The Stuntman's family. The Stuntman's family tells the other Mudmen that Kerwin has changed his mind and he's going to kill them anyway.

The Stuntman's family is able to stop Kerwin from killing them and then they head to the Mudmen's Club. There, Kerwin tells the Stuntman that he is going to show him the ultimate weapon and he's going to kill The Stuntman. The Stuntman and his family are throwing out of the Limo and the rest of the Mudmen's club is coming around the corner. Kerwin has killed The Stuntman and now he wants to make sure that he never comes back.

This is a great movie and I really liked it and you should check it out. Just don't expect too much from it as it's not that good and could use some editing in order to make it better.

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