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Frozen II (2019)
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Title : Frozen II Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 103 min.
Genres : Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Music
Overview :

When Disney made the Frozen movie it was without a doubt one of the biggest movies that they had ever produced. The story followed the young princess Elsa, who was separated from her people and was left for dead.

She and her sister were imprisoned by the evil queen (the princess Esperanto) so that she could marry him. Elsa was determined to break free and return to the land of the snowmen. This tale is the core behind the Frozen franchise and will be followed in all the sequels to come.

The series that was based on the movie is now being referred to as the sequels and follows the sisters Idun (Anna) and Sissi (Elsa). As you can probably guess they are sisters but there is a big difference between them and their parents in that the other princesses are more cold and more reminiscent of ice. The sisters are also more serious and determined. The two sisters start out with the story of their relationship in the first movie (when they were very young) and then they go on to find themselves in the rest of the series as well.

The sequels is known for its stunning visuals and amazing CGI which add to the overall beauty of the series. This movie features a wide range of characters and even humans in some of the scenes. Here are some of the characters you may encounter in the sequels:

Goofy- the blue mouse is one of the characters that shows up in the sequels. He was part of the team of Disney's Hall of Mime that saved the princesses from the Ice Trolls in the first movie. He also helped with the rearranging of the Frozen girls. He has been made into a mouse and becomes a main character in the sequels.

Kristoff- a character from the first movie in the sequel series that went on to show up as a prince in the sequels. He was in a relationship with Princess Sissi in the first movie and there are some fireworks when they reunite.

Olaf- the snowman duo is also featured in the sequel serie. As they live together, they gain the trust of the siblings and make friends with them and show them that they are loved.

There are more characters but I think the ones I mentioned have already given you an idea as to what to expect from the sequels. The series has really hit it off with fans of the original. This movie is still one of the best movies ever made.

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