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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)
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Title : John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 131 min.
Genres : Action , Crime , Thriller
Overview :

The new chapter of the saga of John Wick follows that of its predecessor by introducing a new villain and introducing new characters. However, while the previous installment brought in new methods of killing, this one does not include any blood.

The new John Wick movie features several traditional martial arts and gun slinging techniques that were familiar to the fans of the first John Wick movie but also has some surprising twists and turns that would be totally unexpected. With a brief synopsis of the movie, we can now look at some of the key parts of the story and what it has to offer to those who have been wondering what kind of an introduction it would bring to the John Wick saga.

John Wick: Chapter Three - Parabellum is an action thriller that brings back Ethan (Boyd Holbrook) as the main protagonist and brings in the appearance of a new face - Braga (Neil Brown). This is a twist on the usual start of a movie. John has had enough of Ethan's "spray and pray" tactics and wants a more direct approach and thus the introduction of Braga gives the character a chance to strike first.

The John Wick Online community however is not that kind to the character of Braga and no one seems to care for her existence. The online community, after all, is a community of gamers, and they don't like change and there is very little enthusiasm in this regard. Their favorite character from the first installment is now simply dubbed as "the Braga character" in the online community and the fans don't seem to like it.

However, the action of the film also seems to go over well with the online fan community of the film. This is because of the fact that the scene featuring Ethan and Braga was included in the film. There are some people who find the new twist to be intriguing and quite original while others are bored of the concept and the twist itself as no one seems to enjoy it as much as the fans of the first movie to do.

Since the online community doesn't seem to appreciate the change to Ethan, there is little reason to hope that the film will be any different. But, from what we know so far, it would appear that people are just in it for the sake of it and no one seems to care about anything other than the action itself.

Another aspect of the film that seems to have lost out to online appreciation is the appearance of Kia Cypher. We first saw Cypher, played by Lucy Liu, during the beginning of the first movie and she seemed to have no significance in the overall plot until the last moment when she stands up against Ethan. After that, Ethan seems to just disappear into thin air and Cypher, a pivotal character in the film, seems to vanish off into the future.

The online community seems to prefer the real action and the bad guys rather than the cypher or the inclusion of Braga and the unknown character who turns out to be an ancient Chinese assassin. So, for John Wick fans, it would appear that even the old editions seem to have lost the online community's interest and John Wick: Chapter Three - Parabellum could be a disappointment for fans of the first movie.

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