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Parasite (2019)
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Title : Parasite Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

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Runtime : 133 min.
Genres : Comedy , Drama , Thriller
Overview :

Asparagus is one of the most popular vegetables found in movies, books and television series. Most people know about the deadly staph infection that can result from eating asparagus, but what about the other insects and worms that can be found in movies? What about the parasitic grasshopper that will cause severe muscle cramps or the parasitic pigeon that can cause impotence?

One of the parasites in one of the most famous serie of movies is entitled The Wolf of Wall Street. This is a real story, but the plot line does not go beyond Wall Street. That is because the most common of all the parasites in this serie is the Sawfly.

In this movie, a high-class Miami real estate mogul convinces himself that the Sawfly is a form of the asparagus. He convinces his employees that the Sawfly's body is made up of the same stuff as asparagus, which is in turn, they claim, will help the Sawfly to give him the most wealth. Soon, the Sawfly is showing the owner of the florist's business that the Sawfly is a form of asparagus.

The Sawfly is actually a parasitic worm. It lives on the asparagus plant and sucks its blood. As the Sawfly uses the asparagus plant as a host, it begins to lay eggs, which then hatch into a worm.

The Sawfly could have been a very scary parasite, if the scene had been taken from a movie set in Wall Street, rather than a movie set in Miami. However, the Sawfly parasite is not that different from the Sawfly that is found in actual asparagus. It is actually a much less dangerous parasite and its eggs are easier to kill than the ones found in asparagus, as they do not have the nutrients that the asparagus has to help them hatch.

Other parasites in movies that are found in real asparagus include the Caterpillar, the Oriole, the Brown Moth, the Butterfly, the Yellow Jacket, the Mudworm, the Stink Worm, the Moth, the Tree Hugger, the Butterfly with a Mouthful of Honey, the Walking Corpse, the Scorpion, the Cole Cricket, the Carpenter Ants, the Paperclip Ants, the Look-a-like Ants, the Woodchuck and the Wasps. Some of these parasites, such as the Moth and the Walkers, have grown popular enough to make their own version of a TV series. There are even some of the mentioned parasites in video games and board games as well.

Some of the less popular parasites include the Sawfly, the Brown Moth, the Butterflies, the Mudworms, the Moth, the Stink Worm, the Woodchuck and the Wasps. Although there are some parasites in serie of movies that don't show up in the movie, but still have a parasite-like look, such as the Parasite, the Cockroach and the Fire Ant. The Sawfly, however, is by far the most common and popular parasite.

Although the Sawfly is a parasite, it does not have a lot of personality and it doesn't even affect the human body, like a real parasite would. The Sawfly cannot actually eat the asparagus, so if there is one, it must be floating around in the air. It simply makes the asparagus come out of the plants, because the Sawfly lays its eggs in it, which then hatch into Sawfly larvae and then it kills the asparagus.

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