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Pinocchio (2019)
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Title : Pinocchio Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 125 min.
Genres : Adventure , Drama , Family , Fantasy
Overview :

You can watch "Pinocchio" movie online. This is the story of a little boy who was born with a big nose. He was told that he is supposed to wear a nose cover to prevent him from smelling, but what he didn't know is that he will also grow up with a lot of money to make people to pay for his crooked nose.

Movies are always a great way to pass time. It can be amusing and entertaining even if you're not really interested in watching a particular movie. This is also the case with "Pinocchio". You may not have heard about it because there were several serials about the same time before this one. But all in all, this movie is still a classic, and is still a favorite of many people.

The movie starts with a series of pictures of little Pinocchio and his friends doing different things. His friends include Jafar, Donald Duck, and the Prince. They were not any old friends, however. They were dear friends to Pinocchio, who was also in love with Cinderella.

As we all know, Pinocchio's father was named Mr. Donkey. His mother was named Pestana. And their neighbor was always Mr. Moose. But after they had brought up their children, they started living in the castle of Prince Gruber, which was located in a village on the Island of Sodor. Princess Tiana lives in the country of Ogon.

In a scene of the movie, the four friends find themselves in a forest and Mr. Donkey starts to tell them how they need to wear masks to prevent the people from smelling their breath. Once they reach a town, they find out that all the people have been trained to not to smell the nose-cover that Pinocchio has placed over his real one.The three young ones are afraid of what will happen once they start wearing the masks. Fortunately, Mr. Moose is waiting for them, but he also gives them an invitation to go to the ball.

As Pinocchio, Donald, and Jafar head for the castle, Mr. Moose catches them. He wants to make sure that they do not miss the ball. At the ball, they learn that they will not be attending because their noses are too long to cover their faces. It is actually possible for them to change their noses by means of nose-cover. After they return home, they show it to their friends. They are invited to the ball as well.

As they're walking down the street, they hear a rumor about a play called "Badminton" and decides to head for the theater. During the play, they see a young boy named Sebastian competing in the game of Badminton. He plays very well and wins the game easily. Sebastian is fascinated by Pinocchio and invites him to the play as well.

Pinocchio, Sebastian, and their friends then attend the play and, of course, Pinocchio wins the game. Sebastian follows him to the cabaret and there, they meet up with another boy named Sebastian. There is a misunderstanding and Sebastian is hit by a stork, only for Pinocchio to carry him to safety. Pinocchio and Sebastian get married and have four kids. At the end of the movie, Pinocchio tells his kids that they should all try to become pirates.

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