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The Platform (2019)
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Title : The Platform Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 95 min.
Genres : Drama , Science Fiction , Thriller
Overview :

The platform is an exterior portion that surrounds the interior of a house, usually under which stairs the householder may have the use of. In the case of moviemaking, the platform serves the purpose of the window, whereas in theater the platform may also consist of the auditorium.

The platform in the case of the theatrical exhibition is the frame or the screen on which a staged work of art is projected. In a movie, on the other hand, the platform may be the main entrance to the movie set. In the case of a theatre set, the platform could be the side of the stage, and for the theater sets, it could be the back of the stage.

The theatrical presentation, as previously stated, was generally created by the same master person who would create the actual stage, but with a difference that might prove to be important to the success of the staging. In the case of the film, the setting of the scene was not as critical because it could be changed according to the director's will, whereas the theater industry strives to obtain that same effect of a real theater, which was not possible in the case of the film.

The difference between a movie and a theater comes from the fact that the medium is entirely new, and the artistic endeavor that films are promoting is relatively recent, having been introduced only two decades ago. Whereas the various stages of theater may appear similar, the atmosphere in the case of movies seems quite different. With regard to the medium, there is no need for the artistic creations to match the environment, as in the case of the theater, and, with regards to the moviemaking, the stage must match the visual impact of the movie.

With regard to the displays, they too, although different, should ideally reflect a similar appearance, even though in movie theaters, the screens are smaller and the screens are more expensive. They can therefore be both big and beautiful or small and colorful.

The sets of the movie theater, however, had all the freedom to give the impression of the proper size and appearance of the movie screen, especially because the interior sets, usually made of wood, were long while the exterior sets were short. The interiors of the houses in this case were the determining factor, not the outside setting. The films had their own methods of giving the illusion of the exterior setting, such as the flag poles and the house trees that resemble flags, respectively.

However, this too was subject to change and progression as time went by, and moviemakers as well as theater owners are far from knowing exactly how to decorate the platforms for the camera. In the case of the platform in the movie theater, its size, which could vary from little to large, was vital.

But, nowadays, moviemakers are making every effort to achieve that same effect that was achieved in the pre-television days, when the theatrical theater and the movie theater had the exact appearance and the visual impact that are known today. This way, in the process of creating the perfect platform, moviemakers, as well as the theaters, are providing an adequate means for the presentation of the movies.

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