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Vivarium (2019)
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Title : Vivarium Full Movie
Release : 2019
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 97 min.
Genres : Horror , Science Fiction , Thriller
Overview :

Vivarium is the latest installment in the James Cameron's Trilogy. The movie is a remake of the first movie in the series - Titanic. In the first movie, Cameron captured the emotions of his viewers with his subtle humor and captivating storyline. In this movie, he injects some reality-bending scenes, to keep the interest of his viewers.

Ivy Miller (Jessica Alba) is a single mom who is about to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer. She plans to spend her days sitting at home on her bed, working on her memoirs. However, as the chemo progresses, the day slowly passes by. She feels something is missing and begins to wonder how she can turn her life around. In a desperate attempt to find out more about her life before her cancer diagnosis, she decides to venture out of her house to look for information that may help her turn her life around.

Vivarium's story starts with a retelling of the accident that happened to the eldest child in the family. As a result, Ivy inherited some psychic powers that bring a bad influence into her family. It is only when her youngest brother Elijah (Ben Kingsley) finds out about her powers that he asks her to prove if she can be a psychic. He also tells her that his name is Elijah.

Ivy is confused by his request, but then she decides to follow his lead, despite her horror. But on the way, she comes across a huge plant that brings bad news about her family. She soon realizes that the plant is an artificial one and should not be destroyed.

At first, Ivy seems to be hesitant about doing the right thing for the plant. However, after discovering that the plant may be responsible for the death of her brother, she has to fight the urge to destroy it. She continues her search for more information on her family. She manages to find out that her family moved to Antarctica to escape the world war, but it is here that her family finally meet up.

Once Ivy reunites with her family, she realizes that her family was indeed in the same war, but they were brave to fight against the Nazis. Her brother says that he is really glad that they were able to experience a peaceful world in Antarctica, as it was truly an amazing place. Ivy and her family later discuss about their experiences in the war, and how the weather conditions were bad at that time.

Ivy finds that she is having trouble remembering certain memories from her childhood. Her mother mentions that she had a limited memory of her childhood. Later, Ivy finds out that she was born in Montreal, and not just some kid from California. Ivy and her family go back to the United States to meet with her cousin Irene (Julia Roberts).

Ivy and her family decide to take a trip back to the United States, but the trip turns out to be a disaster. Ivy suffers from the aftereffects of the sickness that she suffered a few days before. She eventually breaks down crying in front of her son and daughter. They decide to fly back home. Irene finally learns the truth about her parents' history; they are actually spying for the Germans.

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