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32 Malasana Street (2020)
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Title : 32 Malasana Street Full Movie
Release : 2020
Quality :

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Runtime : 104 min.
Genres : Horror
Overview :

Now the hit movie Serie A continues its role as one of the most popular and important Italian films of all time. The event was held on Tuesday of the Seventh Month and this event was supposed to help the Italian Cinema Industry to advance further and to make them an international name among other movies in other countries. Starring the best of Italian actresses, or should we say the women who play the leading roles in these movies, from the Serie A like; The Expulsion of Stella Ezzone, Le Mexicaine, Cleopatra and An American Tragedy, the movie seemed to be full of excitement and the acting was also phenomenal.

The film critics have named this movie as the best Italian movie that they have ever seen. With some fabulous star power that included the list of Alessandra Dali, Claudine Picotte, and Anna Magnani and the acting talent of the actress Rosalba Moss, the makers succeeded in making the audience happy and satisfied with this movie. The Immeasurable Goodness of the Scene From the Opening Scene: In the film scene of The Expulsion of Stella Ezzone, a French girl, Stella, played by the really talented Rose Silvia, is thrown out of her country of origin due to which she is given the opportunity to go to the United States and study. She soon becomes close to the young child, Kenzi, who has been left with her uncle, Joseph.

The story proceeds to show the relationship between the two who will become the star of the movie; Kenzi, who are fond of Uncle Joseph, and Stella, who yearn for the opportunity to go to Italy and study there. The Adventure of the Serie: The episode of The Expulsion of Stella Ezzone continued where the first movie ends and after a while the plot of The Expulsion of Stella Ezzone, after the expulsions, continued.

While going to Italy, Stella gets an invitation to the premiere of the second coming of The King of Kings and of the movie, The Italian Superstar whom she is having an affection for, is meant to be an extra in this movie. In order to get close to her love, she decides to go to Italy as the money to spend on plane tickets and wardrobe are deducted from her ticket.

The Empire Strikes Back, The Italian Superstar and The Expulsion of Stella Ezzone in the first three movies, Serie A, An Italian Story and Movie, is depicted as the final action of the original superhero. Both Tom Hanks and Kate Winslet play the roles of The King of Kings and Superstar respectively in this movie and it is great to see both the actors again.

The Story of the Italian Superstar in the movie, Serie A, was an exciting story and in the end, when the story ends, everything is peaceful and that is where the scene ends. Here are some of the lines that I loved to hear during the film: "On the first time she saw me, she laughed; now she's about to laugh and weep, and still I do not know which to believe."

Tom Hanks took the role of The King of Kings and the movie ended where the first Italian Superstar movie ended, with the success of his character and he played his part beautifully. After the ending of the last scene, Rosalba Moss as Stella announced "Altera Mia!"

The Expulsion of Stella Ezzone was my favorite in the Serie A and I definitely recommend the Movie to everyone. It was full of excitement and has made the Italian Cinema Industry in Italy a well-known name among other movies in other countries. This movie will definitely be in my list of movies to watch and hopefully, it will be in your list of movies to watch also.

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