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I Still Believe (2020)
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Title : I Still Believe Full Movie
Release : 2020
Quality :

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Runtime : 115 min.
Genres : Drama , Music
Overview :

For my friend, if you will, James P. Schmitz, his opinion of I Still Believe is strong. It is based on a real life family that was featured in the book, "Lines of My Teeth" by Jim Turpin and Phil Malley. The book and movie, just so happen to be in the same caste or have very similar characters.

For those who haven't read the book, this movie is also centered around an adult daughter of an active duty military family. It will also not take too long to watch and start to develop a love of this new family of kids as the main characters. What makes this movie different from others is it does not contain any normal superheroes in it, it is more of a family drama. As a father, this made me happy.

James P. Schmitz, starts off as a troubled teen struggling with his family, then he is an orphan on the streets of Chicago. It is there he meets Will Beckhardt (Tim Robbins). Will is also an orphan and after a near death experience, he becomes a police officer and gets involved in gang activity. This is when they first meet. Soon after, they get into an accident and go into a coma.

A short time later, they are both found out to be the same person and they both are sent to live with an aunt and uncle who are retired detectives for the Chicago Police Department. They have a cat named Bear (Brenton Thwaites), one of their issues is that they are both insane.

James P. Schmitz now decides to become a cop and when Will and James' brother are both killed, James decides to try to find his brother's killer himself. He finds out that he will be assigned to a major case and if he is able to solve the case, he will become a detective for the Chicago Police Department.

He also has another thing he would like to knowwhere the cat came from? Just thinking about it makes me laugh. Things happen very fast in this movie. But after watching the first few minutes, it is not even funny and you can tell you would like to see more of it.

Many people are wondering what happens when the cat shows up. We know it is the cat from the book and this cat is named Blackie, or sometimes called "the Rottweiler". The book is only about half the movie. In the book, Blackie was in a gang called Blackie's Bodyguards and eventually, James decides to become a member because he is the best person to catch the black-hooded hoodlum responsible for the murder of Will and James' sister.

I liked this movie, but for me, as a reader, I could never get to the end. I'm sure many others are going to love this movie as well and while it does have some problems, I would say it was worth seeing. I think it is funny and the ending is shocking and unexpected.

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