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Onward (2020)
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Title : Onward Full Movie
Release : 2020
Quality :

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Runtime : 103 min.
Genres : Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy
Overview :

There's always one thing that plays a huge role in any of the five seasons of "My So Called Life" and that is the theme of Onward. Throughout the series, Ross Poldark plays an important role throughout each season of the series. The character is well-known as the main protagonist, a popular middle class British family that strives to better themselves through hard work and their own efforts and sacrifices. Each season of the show includes at least one episode about what type of fate the Poldarks are about to face and what are their plans for what is coming next.

The first episode for this season is called "Onward and Upward." "Onward" is the fifth installment of the series. In this episode, all three of the kids are talking about what happens to them after they graduate from school. Each one of them comes up with their own plan of what they are going to do. Ross takes some time off from his studies to take a well deserved vacation, while Lauren takes some time to focus on her studies to earn a scholarship to the University of London.

Throughout the episodes, the series introduces new characters like Nigel ("The Nose"), a former ballet dancer who has now decided to be a businessman. He also enrolls in school to improve his marketing skills. The students also meet others, like Carla Milavic, a long-time librarian who no longer wants to take care of the Poldark children, and Laura Massey, a bubbly party girl who is a natural in school.

Apart from these characters, Carl Janson is the director of the school and he chooses not to be with his family. He chooses to work in a fast food restaurant. Ross, however, thinks that Carl Janson is being unfair to let him go away, especially since Ross only wants to get a degree in sports management at the same school. She has planned to become the manager of the franchise by taking up managerial training at an American university, which would mean having to leave her family.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Ross, Lauren, and Carl at the cafeteria where they are served a hot chocolate and a muffin. They talk about how difficult it is for Ross to take time off from school and how sad Ross is about not having a college degree. Lauren explains to her friends that her goal is to become the manager of the franchise and thus she will have to leave her family.

Meanwhile, the rest of the school continues with classes like Organic Chemistry, Organic Physics, and Organic Geology. We also see that Lauren's father is a barber, which opens up the door for her to date Danny Poldark, who is one of the many students in the school. It is actually the middle of the school year so the events of the school are rather slow paced, which means the students aren't too enamored with the slow pace of the show.

"Onward and Upward" presents some great things about its premise, one of which is the revelation that the real cause behind Lauren's anxiety was her having a poor father. It shows the repercussions that the Poldarks had to go through in the past due to their cheating and lying, which the students are forced to realize that they must not make the same mistakes in the future. Additionally, the episode shows how great their parents were to them and how bad their parents can be when they are under stress.

The music video "Not Today" is another example of how much the "Onward and Upward" has changed. In this music video, the Poldark kids are stuck in a hotel because they forgot their rental car keys. Of course, they later get out of the hotel and try to find the car keys but since Ross didn't have any of his own, he is forced to go out in the streets and ask a passerby for the car keys so that he can get back home.

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