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Trolls World Tour (2020)
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Title : Trolls World Tour Full Movie
Release : 2020
Quality :

HD 480p, 720p, 1080p

Runtime : 91 min.
Genres : Adventure , Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Music
Overview :

Trolls is a collection of 10 short films written and directed by Peter Bolton. The movie tells the story of Trolls who live in a small sea town called Sunken Lands. The film was released as the Trolls World Tour, which ran for a duration of thirteen days. The tour was picked up after the movie's release and consisted of two different traveling shows in two different cities, Toronto and New York.

The tour takes the audience through a short journey through the world. The film is essentially divided into seven different stories set in a different part of the Troll's world. This allows viewers to get an idea of what the movie is all about.

There are seven stories which form the first part of the Trolls World Tour. The story that begins first is set in a quiet village. A young girl, named Sheena, has been killed by a Troll, and Trolls are afraid of this girl. The father of the girl's father is put under suspicion, and he starts to hide Sheena's body and her death.

A little while later, the man is found dead and the father is arrested. He is accused of murder and sent to jail to await trial. During his time in prison, a Troll notices his behavior changes and then kidnaps him. He is taken back to the Troll's home, where the two are to begin their lives together.

The second story that begins is set in a small city. It is called Sunken Lands and it is a peaceful place where Trolls, villages and people live peacefully. The story begins with a very large Troll who steals the gold coins from a horde of people. The princess decides to chase after the Troll and save the gold.

The third story is the one that sees many of the best action scenes take place. The trolls who live in the area become upset when there was a new visit in the town. They think the person may be their old enemy, so they attack the newcomer and nearly kill him.

The fourth story takes place in a small, forest where a Troll lives. The Troll's brother, Marlin, comes to the Troll's home and tries to force him to leave. The Troll refuses and is almost killed.

The fifth story is the tale about Troll families and their difficulties living in the forest. The Trolls live in a small community and their relationship with each other is quite complex. They are sometimes at odds, and sometimes they are near neighbours. The stories are well done and they all take place in a peaceful environment.

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